1800 Watt Solar Generator

1800 Watt Solar Generator Complete with (2) 100 AH Batteries & 160 Watts of Solar – For Homes, Cabins and More!

Product Price: $2,099.00
SKU: TL1800sg-b-2

Product Description

With the 1800 Watt Solar Generator Complete with (2) 100 AH Batteries you will never have to worry about a power outage again. This solar powered battery backup is the perfect power solution for remote cabins, hunting lodges and even if you just want to stop giving your hard earned money away to the electric company. This solar generator can run all of your essential electrical devices and it even has room for expansion with the option for doubling your backup power capacity. This solar generator home system includes: an inverter, 160 watt solar panel, 30 amp charge controller, battery storage, (2) 100 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and cabling to provide a system that can be used for back-up or stand alone household power for emergency outages or off-grid outbuilding applications.

Need even more power for your application? No need to be concerned, this home solar generator system is also very upgradeable with the option of adding up to 3 additional Solar Panels and two more batteries with the optional battery box plus 2 more batteries to double its battery capacity! You can also combine a wind turbine to this generator while using 3 panels at the same time.

Home Backup Power:
Will run items such as a fridge, freezer, sump pump, 1000 watt microwave, fish tank light, air pump, home alarm system, garage door opener, blender, video game console, portable cooler, coffee maker, and more.

Emergency Power:
Will run essential electronics such as a 20″ TV, radio, fan, mobile, cordless phone, and a 40 watt emergency light.

Small/Home Office Backup Power:
Will run items such as a laptop, desktop, 20″ LCD or CRT monitor, 600 W office lamp, inkjet printer, 4-in-1 copier/printer/fax/scanner, internet modem, VolP phone, mobile phone, and cordless phone.