1250 Watt Solar Generator

1250 Watt Solar Generator with 2 – 150 Watt Solar Panels

Product Price: $5,449.00

Product Description

Harness the power of the sun to generate your electricity and provide security during power outages.

The 1250AGM-2 solar package is engineered to allow you to create and use your own energy to power household appliances. This Solar Power System lets you run 1,250 watts of power for all of your normal AC appliances and devices. Plus, each unit acts as an ultra-quiet emergency backup system that monitors your utility company’s electric power 24/7, so the back up system knows when to come on and when to turn off again.

Plug & Play — no installation of power system required.
• In the event of a power outage, the built-in automatic transfer switch provides backup emergency power and recharges with the power of the sun; no additional transfer switch required unless using in conjunction with a generator.
• Energy is stored in 2 sealed AGM specialized batteries, then converted to AC electricity by the system’s inverter charger.
• Will run all of your 120V household appliances and devices.
• 3-stage battery charger.
• 2 – 110 AC receptacles.
• Charges batteries with solar or utility power or standby generator.