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Solar power generation( solar energy) has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power generation has several advantages over other forms of electricity generation.
Bolivia Solar is dedicated to providing the best quality solar panels, Solar batteries and complete solar panels. We also furnish complete solar energy generation units for large scale applications.

How Can you use Solar Energy?

The simple answer is to provide power to your home or office without the dependency on Electricity from the Grid. There are simple solutions that will help cut your cost and provide power where it is needed. Here are examples of where you can use solar power.

Solar Air conditioning : Both Off Grid and Hybrid System are available.

Solar Lighting: Stay safe by having light all year long at a fraction of the cost. Street lights, home lights.

Solar Refrigerators: Keep your food cold during a power outage.

Complete off Grid Solar Generators for your House.

Bolivia Sol also offers Solar energy Components such as panels, batteries and Invertors.

Bolivia Sol Guarantees all products sold to be of the highest quality.


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Introducing Solar Roof Tiles

Available in a variety of colors
8 watts per Tile
Manufactured in Accordance with US and European Standards

Solar Roof Tiles

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International shipping Services available

Solar Panels

Every module is factory flashed at standard test conditions (STC) to determine the power output and then sorted in 5 watt increments. Only modules with a flashed power that is greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power are delivered. Flash report data is provided with every order.

High Module Conversion Efficiencies
Easy Installation and Handling for Various Applications
Mechanical Load Capability of up to 5400 Pa
Conforms with IEC 61215:2005,
IEC 61730:2004, UL 1703 PV Standards
ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 Certified
Application Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating C

Solar Generators

Solar Generator, you have the power to back up your life in any situation. Ditch the noise, fumes and gasoline and enjoy unlimited power from the wall or the sun.
Collect more power from the sun with these panels.
System voltage and Charger current :  DC12V/24V-  AC120V/220V  15A
Inverter Output wave sine wave
Inverter Output voltage AC120V/220V
Inverter Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Inverter Output current 2.27A(220V)
Inverter Precision of output voltage ±3%
Inverter Precision of output frequency ±0.1%
Inverter False output wave of AC <3%
Inverter Overload ability 120%,30 seconds
Inverter Invert efficiency >97%

Solar Batteries

Designed for use outdoors for optimum performance.

Batteries are the very heart of your solar electric system. They are where your power is stored – your reservoir. A battery storage bank is what allows your power system to deliver a constant level of power to your electrical loads. Without batteries you would have no power when the sun went down and maybe not even enough during daylight hours, depending on cloud cover etc.

Many people do not realize that solar batteries are very different from car batteries. We offer both maintenance free and low maintenance deep cycle solar batteries.

Solar Air Coniditioner

Off grid and hybrid solar air conditioners, reduces or eliminates the need for electricity.

The DC48V is designed from the ground up to operate on DC power .There is no AC power used inside or needed externally to operate the unit .DC power is connected To the outdoor unit. The indoor unit receives DC power from the outdoor unit.

·48V Solar /Battery Power
·Cool or Heat Up To 700ft 2
·Eligible For US Tax Credits
·Variable Capacity
·Anti-Corrosion Technology
·Eco-Friendly R410a Refrigerant
·Washable Filters
-Digital Wireless Remote
·Quiet Indoor Unit
(As Low As 26db)
Assumes 5 Hours of Sun(Solar Insolation)and Ac duty cycle. Battery discharge levels have been reduced to extend battery life.

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